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Stack is fast and secure way for crypto-native projects to implement point and loyalty systems, with features like event-based point assignments, cross-chain token redemptions, leaderboards, analytics, GraphQL APIs, and misuse prevention.

Use the Typescript SDK to Integrate Stack into apps in minutes, and the Stack dashboard to configure point systems and view analytics.

How Stack Works

Configurable Events to Points

Event-based architecture for managing onchain point systems that is scalable by industry standards at low cost, with simple SDKs.

  • Track events
  • Assign points
  • Prevent duplication


  • Configure point assignments based on events (e.g. Signup, Swap)
  • View analytics and point system tracking for engagement and adoption
  • Leverage event-based user data to maximize customer retention
  • Customize dynamic leaderboards

Token Redemptions

  • Redeem points for ERC20s, NFTs, or ETH on any EVM chain using Stack’s proof of redemption system

To get started, sign up and get an API key for your projects.